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  • Cupcake Deco Workshops
    Cupcake Deco Workshops

    Chemin de la Maison Blanche 2

    2533 Evilard/Leubringen

    079.521.66 04


    Course Objectives: Each participant will learn:

     - the basics of baking cupcakes

    - basic equipment to get started

    - buttercream vs fondant

    - how to tint fondant

    - how to work with fondant using many creative techniques and more advanced decorating tools: (texture rolling pins. plunger cutters, mini cutters, royal icing, 2D designs, 3D designs,)

    - how to use confetti in creative ways

    - how to make a buttercream swirl


     Each participant will decorate and take home 4 cupcakes.


    All supplies and refreshments  provided!  A course certificate will be issued as well.




    ***This course provides MAXIMUM FUN and is highly addictive. ***

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