Edible Dusting Powder 

  • Edible Dusting Powder - Luster / Shimmer
    Edible Dusting Powder - Luster / Shimmer

    What is Luster Dust?

    Luster Dust is subtle color with a sheen finish, ideal for accenting gum paste flowers and rolled fondant decorations.

    Luster dust is an edible food decorating powder which sparkles once it dries. It is commonly applied to the frostings of cakes and cookies, especially for formal events or during the holiday season, when many people enjoy rich gold and silver accents on their baked goods. A bakery supplier in your area probably stocks luster dust, and you can also order it through mail-order companies which specialize in baking products.

    Although gold and silver are both common, luster dust comes in a range of colors, from bold primaries to jewel tones. It can be used to create highlighted accents on a finished piece, or it can be applied in larger volume to give a baked good a glossy finish. The product may also be called sparkle dust, pearl dust, or sparkle powder, and it is perfectly safe to eat, just like the gold and silver leaf which are applied to fancy cakes.

    A container of luster dust is typically rather small, because a little bit goes a long way. To use it, you will need to dissolve the dust in an extract which contains alcohol such as lemon or orange extract, or an alcohol like vodka; by using an alcohol solution, you ensure that the moisture will evaporate after the luster dust has been applied. Mixing luster dust with water or other liquids is not recommended, as it can turn sticky and dull.

  • Edible Dusting Powder - Matt
    Edible Dusting Powder - Matt

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