Round Decorating Tips

Outline, lettering, dots, balls, beads, stringwork, lattice, lacework.

douilles rondes


Open Star Decorating Tips

Star techniques and drop flowers; the finely cut teeth of 199 thru 364 create decorations with many ridges; use 6B and 8B with pastry dough too.

Douilles étoiles


Closed Star Decorating Tips

Create deeply grooved shells, stars and fleur-de-lys.

Douilles étoiles fermées


Drop Flower Decorating Tips

Small (106-225); medium (131-194); large (2C-1G) great for cookie dough too.

Douilles fleurs

This tips (106 and 107) are for making small swirled flowers.

Douilles fleurs


Petal Decorating Tips

Realistic flower petals, dramatic ruffles, drapes, swags and bows.

Douilles pétales de fleurs

59L for violets, 97L for Victorian roses and 116L for large Wilton roses.

Douilles pétales de fleurs


Leaf Decorating Tips

So realistic! Ideal for shell-motion borders too.

Douilles feuilles


Ruffle Decorating Tips

Plain, fluted, shell-border, special effects.

Douilles vague de dentelle


Basketweave Decorating Tips

44, 45 make smooth stripes; rest of basketweave tips make both smooth and ribbed stripes.

Douilles panier


Multi-Opening Decorating Tips

Rows and clusters of strings, beads, stars, scallops.



Specialty Decorating Tips

Shells, ropes, hearts, Christmas trees, ring candle holders!

Douilles spéciales

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