Sugarpaste & Marzipan: Quantities Guide

Hi! I would like to know how much sugarpaste or marzipan I would need to cover my cake.

The Kitschcakes fairies know that it is not an easy thing, therefore they have prepare a practicle guide below. It is important to get the right amount which will save time, money and most importantly stress levels.

If you are new to cake decorating or covering cakes then always go for a little more then recommended amount to allow for mishaps or your rolled sugarpaste not quite being a perfect circle or square (which is actually quite tricky to do).

Below is a rough guide to quantities which should help you, but you can vary them according your taste and preference. The quantities recommended are based on the sugarpaste being rolled out to approx thickness of 5-6 mm and marzipan to 7-8 mm. If you prefer the marzipan to be the same thickness as the sugarpaste, then simply use the sugarpaste quantities for both.

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Sugarpaste and Marzipan : Quantities Guide


Cupcake Guide

For every cupcake the fairies recommend using approximately 10-20g of sugarpaste per cupcake. The amount you will need will vary depending on the shape of the cupcake i.e. if it has a flat or rounded top. Roll to about a 3mm thickness.

Guide pour les gâteaux avec une forme spéciale

For any novelty shaped cakes such as heart, petal, hexagon and tear drop shaped cakes then the fairies advice to measure the shape at its widest points and then follow the recommendations for a round cake of that size. It's easy right?

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