Question by Rita from Goldiswil

Why do my Cake Balls fall off the stick ?



Hi Rita!

There are several reasons why cake pops fall off the lollipop stick:

Mostly that happens when you dip your cake pops right away and you have not let them rest in the refrigerator or freezer to firm up. This is really important!

If your cake pops are too big, this can be a reason as well. I usually weigh my pops, 20g and you are good. Or keep them around 3.50cm-4cm in diameter.

You might used too much frosting, so the cake ball is way too soft. Add more cake, form them again and let them rest in the refrigerator to firm up!

cake pop fall off the stick

If you’ve dipped the stick in your candy melts and stuck it in the cake ball, it can still fall off, because the chocolate inside the cake ball has not set yet. We usually wait a couple of minutes before dipping our cake pops in the candy melts and let the chocolate inside the pop dry first.

How to do cakepop

When your candy melts are way too thick, the cake ball can fall off too!

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