Question by Manuela from Schlieren

I would like to know what is Massa Ticino? Is there something special (besides having a nice taste)? Does it dry faster than the other brands? Do I use it more for covering a cake or for making figurines? Can I mix it with other fondants?



Hi Manuela!

Massa Ticino Tropic has the perfect consistency for covering cakes. It won't crack, it dries fairly quick, it won't create air bubbles and it can be easily colored.

The main reason why it is so great is definetly its consistency. If you want to do figure modelling, you definetly can with Massa Ticino Tropic, but it might not be enough for flowers…

You can mix Massa Ticino with other brands of fondant. In general, all fondants can be mixed together however, be aware that is can effect the taste and the colors ;-)

Hope this helps!

Massa Ticino

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