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Help! My Candy Melts don't melt. How do I obtain a not-too-thick consistency with my Candy Melts?



Hi Melanie!

Of course it is important to have smooth and even chocolate for dipping your cake pops.

  • If possible, don't use candy melts! Candy melts is a pseudo chocolate and while kids may be okay with the taste, we feel like nothing beats the real deal (real chocolate), especially  living in Schoggi-Land. The Kitsch-Police say NO to Candy Melts and will give you a warning if you ever get caught.
  • If you don't believe us and absolutely can't resist using them, then be prepared for a meltdown in the kitchen (that is, YOU melting down because your Candy Melts are too thick).  If this happens, the Kitsch Fairies recommend using Paramount Crystals in order to get a decent consistency. After all, it would be a shame to throw them in the garbage, right?

Paramount Crystals

  • If you want to make the most delicious cake pops coating ever, the fairies have the absolute best tip for you: Posner! Seriously, if there is a heaven on earth, one taste of this chocolate will bring you there and you will thank the Cake Gods for this amazing product!


If you absolutely must use Candy Melts, then:

  • If your candy melts are too thick, which they usually are to us, try adding vegetable oil, bit by bit though, until you reach your desired consistency. If you are adding too much oil, you need to add more candy melts.
  • It can be the temperature also: If you heated the candy melts up too hot, the candy melts will get all lumpy. Just wait a little until they are cooled down. – Are you sure no water etc. accidentally got into your candy melts? Water makes them all lumpy.
  • To thin your candy melts, use either vegetable oil like we mentioned  before, or buy "Paramount Crystals" online.
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