Question by Nadja from Adelboden

What is the best crumb-coat for a fondant-covered cake in order to get sharp angles?



Hello Nadja!

The Kitsch Fairies from the enchanted forest undoubtedly think that that best crumb coat for your cake is ganache. Ganache is the magical crumb-coat that will give your cake a nice smooth finish while fixing imprefections as well as give your cake razor sharp edges.  It is the most stable mass! You can fill a cake with buttercream (Italian Meringue for example), but it is always best to crumb-coat with ganache before applying your fondant! :-)

The recipe is here !


Kitsch-Tip: After covering your cake with ganache, place it in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes. The chocolate will then harden, making it easier for you to cover your cake with fondant thus getting those perfect angles ;-)

Here is a video demonstrating how to cover your cake with ganache:

Hope this helps!

And here is a video demonstrating how to cover your cake with fondant (sugarpaste):

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