Coquillage en bord de mer

Here is a fabulous cake, especially made for a little girl's birthday party: seashells being the main theme.

This cake is 100% hand made as well as 100% edible.

Seashell by the seashore Cake

Problem: The most complicated part about this cake was figuring out how to get a large-size 3D seashell up on top as we did not have any large molds on hand.

Solution: We ended up molding a large seashell out of gumpaste, while exaggerating the grooves of the seashell. Once dry, we applied a fair amount of vegetable fat and corn starch on the top side of our mold and then rolled out a sheet of gumpaste about 3mm thick. We placed in on top of our mold, carefully shaped the edges and crevisses, waited 24 hours for it to dry and then carefully pealed it off. This is the result! 

Attach 2 of these together and you have a 3D seashell mold! A simple as that! :-D


Hope this helps!


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