Pink Jelly Diamonds - 24 pieces - 10mm


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These fabulous gemstone decorations will add a bit of glamour to any celebration cake. Made from a soft edible jelly they have a shiny gem-like appearance. Each gem is 10mm in diameter. Suitable for use on sugar paste and butter icing only.

  • Pack of 24.
  • Do not use edible glue to fix the diamonds to icing.
  • To use on sugar paste, make sure the icing has fully dried out. Once the icing is dry we recommend only using confectioners glaze to glue the items to the cake.
  • Once a hole has been made in the surface of the icing and it has been left to dry again, the hole should be lightly coated with confectioners glaze and the diamond then placed in position.
  • If the diamond appears to mist over – which only happens with excess handling - or gets covered in icing sugar, then brush the surface with a damp brush until it shines again. Do not touch with your fingers, use tweezers.
  • These diamonds are faceted on one side only and are presented in a diamond mould.
  • The diamonds are gelatine based and can be used for a variety of decorations.
  • Chill the diamonds in the fridge or freezer for a short time prior to removing from the mould.
  • Clear diamonds on white icing tend to disappear, we therefore suggest adding some edible gold or silver powder to the confectioners glaze to glue them.

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