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Taking away the guesswork and risk of applying a liquid drip, the FMM ‘Drip Icing Cutter’ enables you to cut a fondant or modelling paste drip to apply to your cakes effortlessly.

The ‘Drip Icing Cutter’ is designed to look like a random drip has been applied to the cake with drips of different lengths and widths. This gives the effect of the liquid drip, without the stress or the mess!

Once cut from fondant or modelling paste, the drip can be used in a variety of ways. It can be applied as a single piece to come from beneath a statement flower, on top of the cake to enhance it or in a continual drip around the top of a cake such as a chocolate overload. This cutter can also be used to create this season's upside down drip trend, quickly and easily.

The versatility of the ‘Drip Icing Cutter’ will enable you to create original celebration cakes and give you the confidence and control to let your creativity and imagination go wild.

Dimensions: 105mm

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