Sarmousse - Stabiliser for Cream - 200g


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Sarmousse - stabilizer for cream

The right compromise between stability and lightness. Unlike many stabilizers, Sarmousse DOES NOT contain fat in it. Why? The fats in powder make your cake soft but often they quickly tire the palate making the semifreddo too heavy and not very digestible.
Sarmousse has a double function: it is a stabilizing prefect for fresh cream. We recommend the use of 70 grams to give cream stability and creaminess.
The 100mm sarmousse instead serves to create excellent mousses. It is the ideal choice for those who want to accelerate the production in the laboratory without compromising the quality and craftsmanship of their pastries. With a skilful mix of jellies and starches, Sarmousse guarantees the perfect stability of the cream in all environmental conditions, without altering the flavor. Unlike fish glue, Sarmousse begins its stabilization process after a few minutes, giving you the opportunity to mix the cream with the other ingredients without any difficulty.
The chef's advice: to create the mousse or another semifreddo use fresh cream, not milk and stabilizers with vegetable fats. It is true that the dessert will be slightly cheaper but the quality of your creation will have no equal. If you want to make the mousse lighter you can replace a 30/40% of fresh milk cream with vegetable cream. It is preferable to use a vegetable cream without stabilizers inside to avoid creating contrasts with the Sarmousse and compromising the dessert.

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