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  • Date: Saturday 16 February 2019 à 09:00
  • Lieu: Kitschcakes, chemin de la Maison Blanche 2, 2533 Evilard
  • Cours donné par: Sandra
  • Catégorie: Cupcake Deco Workshops
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Ahhhhhh Cupcakes! Those perfectly cute little cakes. So small and lovely, we just want to eat them all! The Kitsch Fairies can never get enough of them!

If you too, would like to learn how to make these sweet treats, search no further as you are at the right spot! Your taste buds will be shocked!
Miss Kitsch will reveal to you all the ancient cupcake secrets and teach you the magic behind baking and decorating perfection!
In this class, you will learn:
  • The basics of baking cupcakes
  • Basic equipment to get started
  • Buttercream vs fondant
  • How to tint fondant
  • How to work with fondant using many creative techniques and more advanced decorating tools: texture rolling pins, plunger cutters, mini cutters, royal icing, 2D designs, 3D designs.
  • How to use confetti in creative ways
  • How to make a buttercream swirl
Here's all you need to know:
  1. Date: Saturday, 16.02.2019
  2. Time: 9:00-12:00
  3. Location: Kitschcakes, Chemin de la Maison Blanche 2, Evilard
  4. What to take with you: Your good mood and sense of humor.
Each participant will decorate and take home 4 cupcakes. All supplies provided!
Upon purchasing this class, you will receive a PDF via email with all the details. Print it out and keep it safely in your pocket until D-Day so that you can find your way through the magical Kitschcakes Forest where cupcake paradise awaits you...


***This course provides MAXIMUM FUN and is highly addictive.***